Anadolu Kanyon İhtisas Spor Kulübü Derneği (ACC)

ACC 2020 Activity Plan

* 28-29 February, Rize Çağarankaya Snow Hiking
* March, Ayvacık/Yarıkkaya Canyon, Manisa
* April, Şahinkaya Canoeing, Samsun Vezirköprü
* May, Kaputaş Canyon, Antalya
* June, Kestel Canyon, Mersin
* July, Canyon Exploration
* August, İshaklar Canyon, Mersin
* September, Canyon Exploration

Note: The days of the activity will be finalized a few weeks before the relevant activity according to the weather and the availability of the participants.

Our mission;

  • Discovering, mapping, creating archives and references of Turkey’ s canyons, Working on  introduction and dissemination of canyoneering in Turkey, Pioneering by determining standards on education, discipline, safety, and technicality, making further research and development on those standards,
  • Educating fulfilled sportsperson on outdoor sports like canyoneering, mountaineering, rafting, and caving, establishing disciplines to make the canyons safe for outdoor enthusiasts and sportspeople,
  • Making sure to preserve the canyons with their natural habitat in order to maintain the consistency of their  natural ecosystem while presenting them to alternative tourism routes, raising environmental awareness,
  • Presenting outdoor sports like canyoneering, mountaineering, rafting, caving to youth to establish a healthy body and mental development,
  • Protecting the environment by raising awareness of mother nature and ecology.