Anadolu Kanyon İhtisas Spor Kulübü Derneği (ACC)

Classification of Sport Canyons In Turkey

Interest in canyoneing in Turkey has raised within the past years related to the raised symphaty towards outdoor sports and social media. Hundreds of discovered and a lot more to be discovered canyons in our country are promising. With the raised concern, number of associations, clubs are also increasing. In some countries canyoneering has budded years ago and classifications regarding the difficulty has determined already. Nevertheless, depending on the geographical

conditions and the preferences of the organisations, classifications may vary. On this study, referring to the experiences of the canyoneers who made most of the canyon discoveries and the classifications worldwide, rating will be done to the canyons of Turkey. With this study, a variation of difficulties determined of the main canyons in Turkey are analysed and a reference is aimed to be created for canyoneers local and international.
Note: Full text in turkish is here(link)

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